dimanche 5 décembre 2010

Strange Musicassette Mix

Cuisineanxious - Strange Musicassette Mix (2010)

Intro Musicassette
Studio "West Side" (2007)
Codek “Tim Toum” (1982)
Bibio “Fire Ant” Keaver and Brause Remix (2009)
Toro Y moi “Blessa” (2009)
Bibio “All the flowers” Lone Remix (2009)
Seeland “Black Dot White Spider” Kelpe Remix (2010)
Foals “Miami “ Jono Ma and Franklin Furter Remix (2010)
Holy Ghost and Grandmaster Flash “Hold Message (DLO Edit)
Kleerup “Music For Girl” Combo ReEdit (2009)
David E Sugar “Party Killer” (2010)
Siriusmo “Diskoding” (2008)
Plus Device “Body Heat” (2006)
Stones Roses “Fools gold” Rabbit In the Moon's Message To The Majors Remix (1999)
Monosurround “Mushroomed” ShirKhan Dub (2009)
Kraak & Smaak “Dynamite” (2010)
Jimmy Edgar “My Beats” (2005)
Frikstailers “Baile Frik” (2008)
Spoek Mathambo “Gunboat” (2010)
Ungdomskulen “Idunno” Gold Panda Remix (2009)
Maps & Atlases “Living Decorations” Breton Remix (2010)

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Photo : Werner Kaligofsky / Small Room (Prototype 4) by Walter Pichler, 1967

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