jeudi 14 janvier 2010


Guillaume Teyssier - Invisible Hour Mix (Pour Télérama-Radio) 

Osamu's theme : Kyoko's House / Phillip Glass – Mishima : A life in four chapters
Give it Up – Talk Talk – The Colour of Spring
Try Again – Big Star-# 1 record
I Don't walk There No More – Research 1-6-12
Requiem – Alfred Schnittke
Puja for the Eight Paradises – Mantras and Chants from Tibet
Dominoes Take 2 – Syd Barrett – Barrett
Crucify Your Mind – Sixto Rodriguez – Cold Fact
Scat In the Dark – The Ventures-Golden Pops
A Song For You – Gram Parsons – G.P
Archie Moore – Miles Davis – Complete Jack Johnson
Mellow my Mind – Neil Young – Tonight's the night
The Grail and the lotus – Robbie Basho
I call your name – Willy Deville- Backstreets of Desire
Köln concert Part 1 – Terry Riley and Don Cherry
Bato – Japanese Unknown
Sunny – Robert Mitchum / That Man, Robert Mitchum sings

Guillaume Teyssier

You can buy the original soundtrack of "La femme invisible" here !

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