mercredi 28 octobre 2009

ALEX GOPHER, Exclusive Mix

Alex Gopher - Exclusive Mix (Pour Télérama-Radio)

1. Tocadisco "Better Begin" (Alex Gopher Remix)
2. Ladyhawke "Paris is burning" (Alex Gopher Remix)
3. Shameboy "Rechoque" (Alex Gopher Remix)
4. Shinichi Osawa "Push" (Alex Gopher Remix)
5. Who made who "Out the door" (Superdiscount Remix)
6. autoKratz 3stay the same" (Alex Gopher Remix)
7. The aston shuffle ' (Alex Gopher Remix)
8. Beni "Fringe element" (Alex Gopher Remix)
9. Autoerotique "Gladiator"
10. Zombie Nation "Radio Controled" (Hey Today Remix)
11. Tiga "What you need" (Proxy Remix)
12. Vitalic "Chicken Lady"
13. The Death Kit "Echoes in my head"
14. Hervé & Kissy Sell Out "Everybody"
15. Air, Alex Gopher & Etienne de Crecy "Ash Sync"

Alex Gopher

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